Latest Issue

Volume 20, Issue 1 (2020)

The Legitimation Crisis of the Japanese Constitution: Reflections on Japan’s Judicial Rhetoric and its Post-WWII Constitutionalization Process
Keren Wang, Penn State University, and Tomonori Teraoka, National Taiwan University

Fake Democracy: The Threats of the Internet to Constitutional Democracy and the Risks of Democratic Governmental Countermeasures
Gustavo Ferreira Santos, Catholic University of Pernambuco

Finding Them Forever Families: Suggested Changes to U.S. Copyright Law in Light of the Growing Orphan Works Problem
Donald R. Simon, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Northwest Missouri State University, and Avila University

Policy Fosters Family: Examining Discourses of Biology and Care in Foster Care-Related Government Texts
Lindsey J. Thomas, Illinois State University, Joseph P. Zompetti, Illinois State University, and Amber Jannusch, Independent Researcher

Emoji Goes to Court: An Analysis of Emoji in Court Proceedings and Implications for Legal Practice
Kristen A. Foltz, The University of Tampa, and Juliana Fray, The University of Tampa